12 November 2011

double birthdays

Today, 12 Nov, our family celebrates the birthdays of my Mom and my younger sister. Happy birthday, Mom and Nene! May God shower you both with good health and strength, provide your needs always, and give you joy & peace day by day.

My Mom turns 78 while my sister turns 43. Wishing you all the best each day of your lives, especially that you can live life abundantly as you keep trusting the Lord. There is joy and peace in His presence.

Last October I had the opportunity to spend some time with my Mom, and most of my siblings. It was a short visit and I wish I could have stayed longer. We were busy, and not so busy at times. But one thing that is etched in my memory and still tugs at my heart (and tear ducts) was the last night, when I offered to apply massage oil on my mom's arms and legs. This is her ritual before going to sleep. I gave her some massage as well on her arms, hands, legs and feet. All I could think of was how much these have helped me over the years - the hard work she had done, at home, at work ... as I was growing up, how her hands held me up as I was starting to walk, etc. How much time she spent with all the housework, cooking, laundry, marketing, in addition to her job as a nurse in the local hospital. I felt emotional every time I think of it. Remembering how much she has done and sacrificed for all of us, it is such a small thing to spend a few minutes of my time to relieve her tiredness and pain that night. The next morning she said she slept well.

There are times when children (esp grown-up) feel lazy to do something such as this to their parents. However, it will really make them feel loved and cared for when we do it. So I hope we will never get tired to do acts of this kind to make our parents happy, and to be able to sleep well at night.

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