19 December 2012

Weekend in Glasgow

The 2nd weekend of Dec was my first time to leave the comfort zone, so to speak. I went to Glasgow to spend the weekend with my friends, Dely and Raymond. They are a Filipino-Scottish couple who were introduced to me by a mutual friend. Since I arrived in September we had been planning to meet up but it was only until after the first week of December that it finally pushed through.

I took a train from Stirling to Glasgow (Queen Street station). My friends met me there and we proceeded to walk through the Buchanan Galleries and out to the Christmas Market. I took some pictures of the market, where there were interesting stuff from various European countries. I did not buy anything though ...

We also walked through the Walking Street of Glasgow, mingling with the crowd who were there for shopping and sight-seeing. It is nice to walk on streets without bothering about the traffic.

Then we proceeded to Braehead where they have this big mall and entertainment complex called Xscape. The interior was so designed that activities such as mountain (wall) climbing, and all other stuff related to defying gravity and the like could be done inside. We watched some of the children as they play above us. We had our lunch at the Harvester Salad & Grill Restaurant before going up to the cinema area.

We spent some time to discuss what movie to watch. Finally we decided to watch Skyfall. I have never watched a James Bond movie in a cinema before. Just on tv when shown, but also not really seriously watching. I think for me I read a lot about these movies in newspapers and internet, and they are advertised a lot of times on tv, radio and even in cinemas, that I do not have any interest to watch the movies themselves anymore. It was an ok movie, & full of excitement. Daniel Craig is a handsome hunk (is this redundant?)! It also featured Scotland and we are in Scotland so that was quite amazing. There was even a line which says, "Welcome to Scotland!" Just like watching the Bourne Legacy movie coz some of the scenes were shot in the Philippines; I wouldn't have watched it otherwise.

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