17 November 2012

Farewell, Eliosa...

Today I was saddened to receive the news that a friend and classmate, Eliosa Elanga-Sayo, passed away. I felt regretful because the many times I have gone home to our province I have planned to go visit her. But it never happened. And next year I was planning that I should really make an effort to go visit her, coz she lived in another town. But it is too late now. She’s already gone from this life!

I could consider her as my first best friend, way back in Grade 1 at SJA. I remember that we would leave school together, she would come with me in our jeep to send her back to her house after school, even though her house was just near the school, just across the public plaza.  

We were classmates from Grade 1 until 4th year high school but we sort of drifted away towards the end of grade school and during high school. We remained friends but not that close anymore. I could not remember really whether we met after high school. Probably not as she did not attend any reunions which I attended. But I saw her in pictures during our class reunions when I was not able to attend.

During the past few years I have come into contact with a couple of her relatives and I would always ask about her, requesting them to pass on to her my greetings and best regards. I hope that she received them. I hope that the happy memories of our childhood friendship were able to help her through the difficult moments of her life. 

Goodbye, Lios. Thanks for the friendship. Rest in peace in the loving arms of Jesus.

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