11 April 2007

Going on Holiday

In 3 days' time we (Key & I) will be going on a much-awaited holiday, again! This time to my beloved homeland, the Philippines, and my beloved home province, Antique. The last time we went home was in January 2005. Since then we have been to several countries and together with my work, there was hardly any time to go home at all. But this April we really set the time to go spend our vacation in the Philippines. It is good that here in Thailand there is a long break for the Thai New Year (Songkran Festival), almost a week. But then I still had to take 11 days leave, with 8 days of that as leave without pay. It's too long actually to be away from my work, especially as our office culture really requires the staff to be in the office. I promised my boss that I will still be in communication, what with email and my EHD, I can easily be in touch with our project partners. But I guess telecommuting is something new in this project, that is why. Anyway I try not to let work dampen my enthusiasm. I am really excited to go home, to meet my parents and siblings, classmates and friends, and relatives. Especially exciting is the fact that I will also be meeting lots of new friends whom I met through Kinaray-a.com. There are some uncertainties of course but I think it should be ok. They are nice people and I have really met some good ones. So it will be a pleasure to get to know them.

Today I used my lunch time to go shopping at the bookstore and arcade, as I do not have time to go to the mall anymore for more pasalubongs and anik-anik. Also since the shops close at 5pm, I do not have time after work as I normally leave the office after 5. It was fun choosing the things and now our room is full of stuff waiting to be packed. We plan to pack on Friday, which is the start of the new year holidays here. Good, I do not have to cram to do the packing. We limit our suitcases to just 2, one large and one medium size. So it will be fun trying to fit these things. And with my left shoulder just healed, I have to take things slowly. Good thing my dear hubby is here to always help me, especially with heavy work. Nice to have somebody whom I can depend on, not only during these times but every day.

Now it is nearly midnight and I have to rest. Got exhausted from playing with my niece after dinner. She is one cute and smart girl and it is always fun and enlightening to spend time with her.

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