09 May 2007

Back to Work

After a 3-week holiday in the Philippines, I am back to Thailand. Back to work, back to the grind. I can feel the difference, between being ‘sabai-sabai’ and working seriously. Especially stressful at this time is the harassment we face here. It might be subtle but it is still harassment. At least that’s what I feel and think about it.

One is from a male officemate. I share office space with seven others, and only one is male. And what a creature he is! Hmmm. One kind of harassment he does is to speak loud and show that he is better than another. Sending emails cc’d to others implying that he is working hard and we are not, or that we are the reason for his work not being done. And many more, actually. Oh my!

Another is from a male faculty member. He thinks he can get his way with his loud voice as well. And threatening ways. But it is good we have rules so we abide by them. I am not intimidated by him no matter how much he intimidates me. I do not want to loose my cool with this creature. Oh my, again!

So just 3 days back to work and all this. But then it is always good to count our blessings and to be thankful. What matters most is that those who are important for my work are pleased with how things are. And that is the case, so I can say I am happy, too.

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