25 May 2007

See what a break can do!

I wrote this a week after we came back from our holiday in the Philippines. But due to busyness it’s only now that I completed writing this blog. It’s tough to return to routine and work. We enjoyed our stay so much there that we felt like we wanted to be there forever. But duty calls. There are bills to pay. Gotta get back to work.

Taking a break is good. It gives us the right perspective that there is more to life than just slaving away to earn and achieve more (of something). Going home and meeting family and friends remind us that life goes on, passing us by, and before we know it, we have grown older, and the next generation has already come. We have a choice to just let life pass us by (peacefully or in chaos), or make a difference in this world as we live. Whatever way we choose, we need to stop and take a breather. To enjoy the sun (there was too much of it back home) and the many things life has to offer. To sit with parents and talk even about mundane things, politics, church, friends, helpers, flowers, animals, world news and many more. To visit friends, former classmates and colleagues, to catch up with what is going on in their lives, and to share about our lives as well. Having heart to heart talks with siblings and best friends made me realize that life there is not that simple.

I realize that I am living a very simple life, probably because I am away from home. Somehow the interactions and interlinks with people are less here compared to staying at home surrounded by family and people whom I know. Somehow living away from them keeps me safe from experiencing the same things they are experiencing. If they are happy and joyful experiences, then I miss them and I wish I can share the laughter and joy with them. If they are sad and difficult situations, I am protected from worry and misery, but then I also miss giving comfort to my loved ones and giving my shoulder to cry on and share the burden. In the meantime I can just be with them in spirit, praying for them and communicating electronically. But there is nothing like being there where the action is! So, until we go home again, in a couple of years, or, hopefully, even earlier than that, if time and resources allow.

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