30 May 2007

Why laugh?

Laughter. Reader’s Digest said it’s the best medicine. Heard there are laughing clinics in India and elsewhere. People group together during lunch break to laugh. Just laugh. They say it’s good for the heart, lungs, stomach muscles and other internal organs. It’s good for the body; it’s good for the soul, too! Keeps us in high spirits, better than any alcohol or drug, without the hang over and other side effects. Results in a glowing skin, radiant face, happy disposition, good mood - something that can not be explained. A floating-in-the-air kind of feeling. Most probably laughter releases some kind of hormone that is totally opposite to the hormone released when we are stressed. I couldn’t remember the names of these hormones; I can look them up later. What matters is that I feel good when I laugh. I feel good even after. Especially the after-laughters, similar to the after-shocks during earthquakes. The effects of good laughter are still felt long after it has ended. Chuckles, smiles, twitching lips, good memories. Sugar and spice and all things nice. Life should be like this. Despite the stresses, the disappointments, the frustrations, the doubts - there is still room for laughter. For joy to just bubble out of a heart that is content and happy. Such an irony. Yes, things might not be looking good around us but what can it do to a heart that is happy and hopeful inside? So then let us have a good laugh once in a while. No, make that everyday! Life will be more fun, right? Right-o!

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