14 March 2008

Antique websites

Kinaray-a.com and Antiquedotph - two websites that are very useful - to me and to all other Antiqeños who long to be in their beloved province, but because of necessity and many other reasons, we could not be. The internet has revolutionized the way we live, it has already been said. Now with these 2 websites it feels like we are not so far away from our hometown and loved ones. Except that my parents are not so keen with the internet. They'd rather let the young ones tinker with it. Most homes I think are not yet 'online' except those who are still young (like my generation ha ha ha). Even among my classmates who are still there, not so many of them are online. They'd rather use the cellphone and send sms text. Anyway, it is good that people there are using the internet because this is one of the best ways really to reach people all over the world! We can get to read daily news and especially listen to the radio. So everyday we get to hear Kinaray-a. This is good for those who are learning to speak K, and for those who have not heard it for a long time, it's useful as well to familiarize themselves with it again.

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