20 December 2008

Into it!

We are finally into it ... the Christmas activities ... we have done our shopping for gifts (almost 90%), posted most of the cards & other gifts, set-up the Christmas tree at home, started distributing the gifts, baked Christmas fruitcake for giving away ... hmmm ... are these all about Christmas? I hope not. There is more to this and we know it! Glad to read Scriptures these days that talk about Christmas, the reason for it, and why we are celebrating it. So let's not forget that and it helps also to listen to Christmas songs that talk about this. The Handel's Messiah is a very good one to listen to. I missed attending the concert this year. But I have the music here so I can listen anytime. Today's devotional is about it as well.

Another treasure I have here is the CD from Our Daily Bread which I received last year entitled, Christmas Meditation. I listen to it often now and it helps me to re-focus my thoughts and heart on the real meaning of Christmas. Also I try to share to those whom I am giving gifts and cards so that they too will think about it or will come to know.

The only thing for sure in celebrating Christmas this year is that I am away from my family. It's kind of lonely and I just have to remember to call home when they are still awake. It will only be my parents and my sister and her family (they live next door) to celebrate at home. But I guess it will not be like before when after dinner on the 24th we would have our program-program when everyone would present his/her talent, and my parents would say some encouraging words. When the grandchildren came and they visited it was their turn to do the talent show, and we aunts and uncles would give cash prizes to them. Then we would wait for midnight to strike for the Noche Buena. When we were already grown ups each one of us had his/her own menu to cook. Those were the days. I wonder when we can all be together again for Christmas. We just treasure these memories in our hearts. Am sure my Dad & Mom would shed a tear or two again this year.


Tammy Lessick said...

That's a great tree! One of the main things that have gotten me into the Christmas spirit this year is my son. He has Autism and is nonverbal. This past March, he started communicating to us using a keyboard. Our world totally changed. This Christmas, he was able to tell us what he wants for Christmas. His gifts the last few years have not been to his liking, because they were not age appropriate(baby toys). He is 9 yo. I feel like I am giving him his first Christmas this year.

Another thing that has put me in the Christmas spirit is giving my time to others. Volunteering for story telling at a Social Services Children's Party and at my son's school. Taking my daughter's Girl Scout Troop to sing Christmas songs at a retirement home.

manilenya said...

Merry Christmas po Carnation, malamang katulad noong isang taon e naka online din ako paskong pasko lol!

Maria said...

Hello ate, Talagang handang -handa kana sa pasko. Merry Christmas sa lahat diyan.