19 March 2009

Good bye, Dr. NC

Yesterday we joined the bathing rites for Dr NC in her hometown, Ratchaburi. We left AIT a little after 1 pm on a double deck bus. I heard one of the guy students (Pinoy) saying that it was his first time to ride one. It was a long drive as traffic was quite heavy coz it had just rained. We were slightly lost when we arrived in Ratchaburi as the driver missed the turn and went straight into the city center instead. Anyway we got there on time at about 4 pm for the bathing rites. For most of us it was the first time to witness and experience this particular rite. I have only seen this on tv. Whatever the meaning of pouring water (with some rose and jasmine petals) on to her hand, I did it as my way of showing respect to her as one of the faculty members/a colleague/team mate, thanking God for the opportunity to know her, and for saying goodbye. I also did the "wai" (bowing the head while holding your palms together in front of your face) after pouring water. Then the relatives gave us a piece of red thread. There were other activities done such as putting pieces of gold and silver papers with her.

After that they served dinner and while waiting for 7 pm prayers, there was a break. Then at 7 pm the service began with monks chanting. Silently I was doing my own praise, worship & prayer to keep in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Here are the links from our project and from the institute related to this.

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