25 August 2009

Dad's 75th birthday

Since last year we have been discussing about how to celebrate our Dad’s 75th birthday, which is today, 25 August. We were planning of going home again to Antique and holding a party with family and friends. He wouldn’t have any of it though and he told us not to hold a party for him. And now there is really no need for a party as he left us to go back to our Creator last April, four months short of his 75th birthday. We continue to grieve of his passing away, of his leaving us, of the times we wished we could still talk to him, laugh with him, discuss things with him. We miss him, his voice, his laughter, his concern, his sense of humor, his love – everything that a father is to his children. There are regrets, what ifs, and should have beens. And yet in the midst of these, there are things to thank God for. We thank God for giving us Dad as our father, who was responsible, did his role as a father diligently, provided for our needs, gave us security, taught us many things, led the family with authority, and many more, that helped us to be what we are today. Many times in the past, especially when we were still young, my Mom would tell us that we would be lucky if we could meet a man like our Dad to be our husband.

We think of him everyday, and especially today on his birthday. I continue to listen to the song With Hope. Today I read in 2 Samuel 1:17-27 the lament of David for his best friend Jonathan, a devotional in today’s Our Daily Bread. It says that in grieving for a loved one, it is important to bring to mind the “cherished details and shared experiences of our lives together.” We give time to remember, in a deeper sense, thanking God for specific things, the events that happened, the little and big things, the impact of a person’s whole life. Indeed, today and everyday, we give time to stop a while, remember and think of Dad, honor his memory by doing what is good and beneficial, and give thanks to God. The precious memories of Dad’s life and the truth of God’s love and hope of salvation to those who believe will comfort us in our sadness and heal the pain of our loss.

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LLCero said...

I lost my father eight years ago. I can relate with what you feel as you remember the good times with your dad... Truly there's hope knowing that someday we'll see each other again.

Anonymous said...

He's in heaven.