05 August 2009

Today is Aug 5th

I wrote in my FB thoughts that I am still affected by hospital, wake and funeral scenes. And that my sibs tell me the same thing. It's true. Because we always remember our Dad who passed away last April. I have not looked at the wake and funeral photos for quite some time now. I just look at the photos when he was still alive. and the pictures in my mind, the memories of times together through the years, the last few times I saw him, at home and even in the ICU.

Thus with Cory Aquino's death and all the media releases and photos until the funeral today, I also feel the sadness and loss. As a former President she had made a great impact not only in the Philippines but also the whole world, in terms of showing that there is another way to achieve democracy - she didn't do it on her own though; she was supported by the people. She made a difference in the way she lived and did her work/duties, thus gaining an untarnished reputation and a place in Philippine history and that of the democratic world. It is best for others to emulate the good examples she had shown...as a wife, mother, leader...as a woman of power, strength, substance.

Today also marks my grandfather's 108 birthday. He passed away in 1984 but we always remember his birthday come August. It doesn't have to be a big celebration. Just thinking of him is enough to honor his memory. One of the 'almost' permanent memory for him is the naming of one road in our hometown as the Rep. Emigdio V. Nietes Avenue. It was a tribute to him during his centennial birthday.

In a few week's time, on the 25th, my Dad would have celebrated his 75th birthday. We were planning to go home and have a party to celebrate. But this time there will be no big party. Instead we can continue to remember him and honor him by living our lives the way that would make him happy and glad, and to give thanks to God for the time that he was with us.

This train of thought is similar to what God wants us to do as well, as His children. We are called to live our lives honoring Him. Jesus tells us that every time we break bread and drink from the cup of wine we do them in remembrance of Him. This gives me a clearer picture of what it exactly means to do things in remembrance of Him, in proclaiming His death until He comes.

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