12 May 2012

Happy Mothers' Day!

One day to give honour to our moms is not enough! It should be everyday, showing our love and gratitude to her who has carried us for 9 months inside her womb. And her role does not stop there. But she cared for us and continues to do so in many ways even when we are already grown up and have our own lives to live. Let us think of our moms, give thanks to the Lord for such a wonderful woman in our lives. Also do not forget our Dads. Without both of them we could not be in this world!


Do not forget the mothers-in-law! For also doing the same thing to their sons and  daughters so we can have spouses who are loving and caring as well.


bagotilyo said...

tama ka it should be everyday..

happy mothers day to all the moms in the world :D

Carnation said...

yup show the love all the time, any time

thanks for visiting