28 May 2012

hospital visit

Yesterday we went to visit a friend in the hospital who underwent a successful surgery last week.

As we drove through the grounds to find a parking space, we were quiet, deep in our thoughts. Because we were remembering one sad event almost 6 years ago, when we made the same journey, driving on the same road. However it was for a different purpose. We went there to pick up the body of my niece (Baby Zoe) from the morgue. Sad as I have shared here previously.

Going inside the hospital also reminded me of another sad event in another hospital. More than 3 years ago. It was another sad moment because it was the time my Dad was in the ICU. He passed away a few hours after we arrived. Still hurts to think about it. I shared about it here as well.

It's been said that time heals all wounds and all that. Maybe, but the degree of healing depends on many factors. However the emptiness remains. For some, the emptiness will never be filled, especially if it was left by a beloved one. Comfort though is at hand through the good memories of our beloved, the love among those left behind, and the assurance and hope of the Lord of the getting together again up in heaven.

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