24 August 2012

On Daddy’s Birthday - 25th Aug

Dad and mom during his birthday a few years ago

25 Aug - you would have been 78 here on earth
Alas you left us just short of your 76th
And yet in spirit you are still with us
In all the memories that we have of you
In the images both in print, electronic, in our minds and in our hearts.

The picture of you as our caring dad
Since we were tiny until adulthood
You were there to provide, teach, encourage
You taught us so many things about life and love.

We really miss you, Daddy – and we wished you are still with us
To tell you about our day, the challenges, the successes
But we know that you are now at rest
And enjoying the presence of the Lord.

We are blessed to have a Daddy like you
We are thankful to have known you as such.
Just a few words today to express how we feel
Lots of words have been said, still many more left unsaid,
Many tears have been shed, still many more to be shed.
But that is life, we still feel the pain and the grief,
Your absence will always be noticed.

And yet you would want us to keep going, living
And so we will, but not forgetting, always remembering
Not only on your birthday, but every day.
We love you, Daddy!

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Carnation said...

always .. in our hearts.