02 July 2007

never trust!

i should never have trusted you.
see what you have done!
i feel so betrayed
i thought you were my friend
i have shared so many things with you
even the deepest secrets of my heart.
but what did you do?

you considered nothing
those things i treasured most.
i should never have allowed you
to get so close.

never again! never again!
will i allow another person
that privilege like you had
i will now be wary of strangers
even those acting as friends.
for i will get nothing from trusting them,
just heartaches, hurts, brokenness
maybe time will heal this pain inside!
maybe time will make whole
the broken pieces of my shattered life!

i hope! i hope!
i will remind myself that
as sure as the sun rises each day
i can keep hoping...
someday, i will be healed.
someday, i may learn to trust again...
but what i am sure of,
you, i will trust no more!!


Pinay von Alemania said...

hallo carnation,
was just reading...can understand the same feeling...but as I read somewhere...you lose by holding back...there are other people to trust...trust me for example...just trying to cheer you up.

pinay von alemania

Carnation said...

yes that's true. there is always hope but need to be more careful only.